Bradford Irish Club SOLD



Rebecca Street : Bradford : BD1 2RX

On 10th Dec 2013 the members of Bradford Irish Club Ltd  voted to place the assets of the company up for sale on the open market.  The decision was made against a background of falling sales and rising debts.  It was seen as the best way to pay outstanding debts and repay loans made by members.

The board of directors  appointed Fitzpatrick Commercial  (01274 370407) as its agent to market the assets.

May 28

Live Irish Music

 Saltaire Live 2014 – Live Irish Music

 9th June – The Paperboys (USA, Ireland, Mexico)
19th June – Caladh Nua (Ireland)
20th July – Patrick Street (Ireland)

A small venue show for these legends of Irish music in between festival appearances.

See  for further details and tickets.

 9th June – The Paperboys (USA, Ireland, Mexico)
19th June – Caladh Nua (Ireland)
20th July – Patrick Street (Ireland)

A small venue show for these legends of Irish music in between festival appearances.

See  for further details and tickets.

For more from Saltaire Live check out

Otley Courthouse, Saltaire Live Venue

Victoria Hall in Saltaire near Bradford, West Yorkshire, Saltaire Live Venue

Aug 29

Echoes Of Ireland : Irish Radio

DadBCBEchoes of Ireland is a Bradford based  weekly radio show featuring traditional Irish Music and chat in English and Gaeilge.  Hosted by Joe Sheeran and broadcast on BCB Radio 106.6fm  every Sunday at 12.00.  The show has been running for ten years.

Every Sunday at Noon : Listen Live Here


25th August 2013

1st September 2013

8th September 2013

Aug 27

The Cock Tavern

It was the Sunday after we had just been to the RL The Challenge Cup Final at Wembley  (Our annual pilgrimage)and we were making the  journey to Euston Station.  First call, The Cock Tavern in Camden.   An authentic Irish pub with no pretence of greatness or pandering to stereotypes.

CockTavern Adjacent to The local Catholic school and Church.  With the constant sound of Irish voices, serving great Guinness with pictures of Sligo Ladies Camogie Champions on the wall and a cracking Irish jukebox.  If I lived anywhere near this would be my local.  All the sadder then that it is the target for voracious developers Flamestar who after acquiring the property  are trying to drive Sligo-born landlady Ms Gaviganl out of business by demanding ridiculous amounts of rent in advance and other shenanigans.   The Fight is bitter and ongoing and the Irish across the country are stepping up.  The Bradford Irish fully support the efforts of the local community to save the pub and preserve their facilities. The Cock Tavern must be saved.

May 06

Soundsphere singing workshop and concert

The Topic Folk Club Presents

SINGING WORKSHOP & CONCERT   Sing to your heart’s delight!  With Soundsphere




At the Bradford Irish Club

Rebecca Street BD1 2RX

The workshop:       inspiring, creative and fun.

 The concert:  Soundsphere will take us on an exhilarating musical world tour 

Workshop and Concert £12   Workshop only £10  Concert only £6 (Topic members £5)

Advance tickets available at the Topic on Thursday nights at the Bradford Irish Club

To reserve tickets email or ring Rob Martin 01274 593585

For more info:

Apr 02

Whitewash over the Death of Savita

Savita Halappanavar and her husband PraveenTHE husband of Savita Halappanavar is not satisfied that an HSE report into her death has gotten to the bottom of why she died.

COMMENT It is in the nature of any large organisation or statutory body that the first response is to minimise damage rather than establish the truth.  So it is with regard to the wholly avoidable death of Savita Halappanavar.  Not only is the evidence of her distraught husband ignored but official records are adultered by omission.  Not only is this situation unacceptable it also smells uncomfortably of religious bias and racism.  Consequently 2 lives were lost including a beautiful young woman on what should have been one of the happiest days of her life.  Nothing in Catholic doctrine or ethics could  or would justify this barbarism.

Praveen Halappanavar is said to be upset by the contents of the report into his wife’s death after a miscarriage, with his solicitor saying it contains just one reference to her request for a termination of the pregnancy.

Gerard O’Donnell told the Irish Independent that Mr Halappanavar has refused an invitation to meet the report’s authors but said that he would go in his place with a family friend.

According to Mr O’Donnell, the issue of Ms Halappanavar requesting a termination “only arises once” in the report. “My client has always said that this was requested on three occasions,” he said.

Mr Halappanavar (34) has said that the couple repeatedly asked for a termination but were refused and has complained previously that there is no record of her requests in her medical records.

Ms Halappanavar later died from septicaemia.sav

Her death at the age of 31 caused a storm of controversy, reigniting the abortion debate, amid claims by her husband that doctors had said she could not have an abortion because Ireland was a Catholic country

Mar 26

Schools will cut activities if cover hit by Croke Park


Source : Irish Independent 26 March 2013

Schools will cut activities if cover hit by Croke Park

Why is Ireland going down the same disastrous path as England ?  Are Irish politicians really interested in the education and socialisation of young people or are they just a bunch of Kaizen Fanboiz  like their Anglo counterparts ?

SCHOOLS face running out of teachers to provide supervision and substitution cover by Thursdays and Fridays of each week under Croke Park II changes, second-level managers have warned.

They say severe pressure will also be felt in the last two months of the school year, when teachers have completed their annual quota of supervision and substitution hours.

They warn that the lack of substitution cover for teachers will lead to schools severely reducing the extra-curricular programme for pupils.

The concerns about the impact of Croke Park II on school life have been raised by the Joint Managerial Body (JMB) in a letter to Education Minister Ruairi Quinn.

The JMB, which represents management in more than half of post-primary schools, says the proposals do not have the interests of young people at their core and that pupils will be the losers.

The Catholic Primary School Managers Association (CPSMA) has expressed similar disquiet in a letter to Mr Quinn.


Among the chief worries of JMB members is the radical change proposed in the supervision and substitution scheme, which, they say, “will not work”.

The voluntary scheme is being replaced with a contractual obligation on each teacher to provide 49 hours a year, subject to a maximum of two hours and 15 minutes a week, for these duties.

This means that as the week goes on, teachers may have already worked the required hours.

JMB general secretary Ferdia Kelly said principals and deputy principals would be left with no option on health and safety grounds, but to spend long hours engaged in both supervision and substitution on top of an already major workload associated with managing a school.


The JMB also warns that salary cuts will cause an exodus of experienced staff, and dissuade others from taking senior positions, putting principals under impossible pressure.

“Regrettably the education system will be the poorer for this loss and the pupils currently in schools and Irish society at large will be the losers”.

The letter notes the many educational initiatives being rolled out and the expectation that principals will lead the school community in working towards the improvement of teaching and learning.

“How can a principal possibly make time or have the creative and physical energy for such vital work when they are already snowed under with other work?” asked Mr Kelly.

Mar 25

The Assault on Living Standards Continues !

Irish Government denies working parents will be forced to give up jobs for bank deal BUT nobody believes them.

It was reported over the weekend that working parents looking to get their mortgage debt written off under new personal insolvency legislation could be told one of them will have to stay home if the cost of their childcare is too expensive for their incomes.


But this was denied by Junior Jobs Minister Sean Sherlock.|“I don’t think so, that is not how I would forsee how this is going to play out,” Mr Sherlock told RTE’s ‘The Week in Politics’.

The new personal insolvency guidelines are due to be published in the coming week by Justice Minister Alan Shatter.

It was reported that childcare costs will form a key part of the income assessment of the household and that the use of a childminder, creche or pre-school will not be approved if a person is not earning enough to cover the cost.shadows

As revealed in the Irish Independent last week, anyone seeking deals with their bank over debt will have to make drastic lifestyle changes under the new proposals and lower their living Standards.

Homeowners looking to write off mortgage debt will be told, for example, to drop their health insurance and sell off their second car.

New criteria setting out the living standards for people having debt written off will also force people to:

* Take their children out of private schools.

* Give up foreign holidays.

* Get rid of Sky Sports.

Up to 100,000 families are currently in arrears of at least three months on their mortgages, while the average borrower in trouble has four other debts.

The new minimum income guidelines will be issued by the head of the Personal Insolvency Service, Lorcan O’Connor, and Justice Minister Alan Shatter on Wednesday.

The official guidelines will set out what people can live on before being accepted for debt writedown deals to be overseen by the new insolvency service.

Mar 11

St Patrick’s 2013

THURSDAY 14th March -  TOPIC FOLK CLUB  :  Ray Hearne

An established songwriter and musician, Ray Hearne is also well known inrayhearnebg Yorkshire for his appearances on regional television and weekly BBC Radio Sheffield broadcasts featuring his own and other writers’ poetry. Born in Rotherham of Irish parents, he still lives and works in the town and tries in his songs to bring the two cultures together: Irish and South Yorkshire; contemporary songs in a traditional idiom. His songs have been recorded and sung by Roy Bailey, Coope Boyes & Simpson, Kate Rusby and John Wright, but there’s nothing to compare with his own passionate performances. He has played at festivals across the North of England and toured Belgium, Holland and Ireland.



You may recall Phil from a few years back prior to this departure South to do his Masters. I believe we all concluded then that this was simply a paper exercise – using the acoustics and harmonics of the piano to brilliant effect as he puffed his sax into it for example. Well he’s gone off the rails down there – NYJO and Journo’ing for JazzUK for example amongst his nefarious pursuits, so he returns North so you, our brilliant audience can give him a thoroughly  remedial and therapeutic JATPjazzing with a BELTING line-up of upcoming Jazz stars : Laura Jurd (trumpet), Elliot Gavin (piano), Conor Chaplin (bass) and Simon Roth (drums)


SATURDAY 16th MARCH – St Patrick’s Weekend

Live Music : Jodie Kennedy Irish Dancers : Tunes from Sean O’Conduin

Real Ales : Food : The Best Guinness in Bradford

17th MARCH









11 A.M.

SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 2013

St Francis Church

Norman Lane





11 A.M.






Sep 04

Bradford Irish at The Cavan Fleadh

The Bradford Irish arrived in Cavan 11 August 2012 and stayed at The Pol O’D Villa in Killashandra.  This fleadh was special for us as our céili team had qualified for the All Ireland in the       12 – 15 Ladies 4 hand competition.  This meant that 4 families had to get to Cavan.  3 families were at Killashandra and another family at Redhills.  This meant that 15 of us were packed into the villa which was great fun.    None of this would have been possible with a grant from Small Money Big Change  and help from Luke Eloi at Bradford Council.  The grant plus generous donations from the members of Bradford Irish Club meant that our dancers were the only dancers from Britain in  Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2012.  It must be mentioned at this stage that the teaching of céili dancing in Bradford is entirely due to the efforts of The Jodie Kennedy School of Irish Dance.   The girls,  Emily, Steph, Grace and Niamh were asked to dance on The Gig Rig in Cavan  and you can see their dance  here 

Dancing at The Gig Rig

After dancing at the Gig Rig in front of a crowd the dancers had to get to the venue (Cavan Leisure Centre)  they were up against 8 other teams who were all from Ireland.  The Bradford dancers were called first and danced The 4 hand Reel.

The Bradford dancers did not finish in the top 3 places but by no means were they outclassed.  They danced brilliantly and pushed their opponents all the way.  They were watched by their parents and the rest of  The Bradford Irish who went to Cavan.  Our hearts swelled with pride as the girls danced against the best in the world and put British dancers and The Bradford Irish on the map.   Our congratulations to our All Ireland contestants and their families,  The Paddens, The Murphys and The Sheerans for making this fleadh unforgettable and congratulations to Jodie Kennedy their teacher.   Next year in Derry ?

Dancing at the Fleadh Competion


More pictures from Cavan 2012


Our Host and guide Mr Paul O’Dowd




Jul 27

Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2010 An Cabhán

 The Bradford Irish contingent arrive in Ulster as Cavan comes alive once again for the 2012 Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, traditional music undoubtedly takes centre stage – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to entertainment and activities for all the family.  This year  the fleadh is very special for us as our céilí dancers have qualified for The All Ireland by virtue of winning four hand céilí competion at The All Britain Fleadh.

Adults and kids of all ages will delight in soaking up the atmosphere of the Fleadh as it transforms Cavan town with its colours, sights and sounds, and there are lots of very special events to look out for as well.

Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann is the biggest traditional music festival in the world and definitely not to be missed. Attracting tens of thousands of visitors, the Fleadh is an exciting and entertaining week of fun. Sessions, fun-days, pageants, marching bands, competitions, ceilí bands, concerts, singing, drama, exhibitions and the arts are all part of the biggest celebration of Irish culture in the world. The festival of your 2012 Summer!


Jul 17

The San Patricio Battalion. The Irish Soldiers of Mexico

On 12 September 1997, the Mexican government paid special tribute to the soldiers of the San Patricio Battalion who were tortured and hanged at the San Jacinto Plaza, San Ángel, in 1847.
Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo presided at the ceremonies marking the sesquicentennial of that tragic event and declared: “One hundred and fifty years ago, here in San Ángel, … members of the St. Patricks Battalion were executed for following their consciences. They were martyred for adhering to the highest ideals, and today we honor their memory. In the name of the people of Mexico, I salute today the people of Ireland and express my eternal gratitude.”   The president concluded, saying: “While we honor the memory of the Irish who gave their lives for Mexico and for human dignity, we also honor our own commitment to cherish their ideals, and to always defend the values for which they occupy a place of honor in our history.”   Irish Ambassador to Mexico Sean 0′Huighinn emphasized the bonds of friendship that the “San Patricios” have forged between the two countries, and which continue to grow and prosper. He noted that Ireland and Mexico shared a common history of struggle to preserve their cultural identities and political liberties, often threatened by powerful and aggressive neighbors. He also paid tribute to the humanitarian insights of the San Patricios who, “despite the confusion and animosities of war, were able to discern the admirable qualities of the Mexican people, unclouded by preconceived notions of racial prejudice.” In this context, he quoted the leader of the San Patricios, John O’Reilly (also written Riley) who wrote: “Do not be deceived by the prejudice of a nation at war with Mexico, because you will not find in all the world a people more friendly and hospitable than the Mexicans.”

Click Below for full Article

By Jaime Fogarty*

Published by “Voices of Mexico” magazine, April-June, 2000.
The magazine is sponsored by the National University (UNAM).

Copyright © Jaime Fogarty September 2005

Jul 09

The Irish Diaspora

For I love every blade of grass, green on your mountain,
Every leaf on your tree, every rock upon your strand

I love your green hills and your murmuring fountains
I love you, a cuisle, my own dear native land.

The chorus from “My own dear Native Land” a traditional song. The same song describes the Irish as being “like wild creeping flowers”.   An apt description if there ever was. Has there ever been such a small country whose sons and daughters have spread across the globe and at the same time gazed longingly and lovingly across oceans towards the place from whence they came.

This spreading of the Irish and their culture is our diaspora and it is a story that continues to unfold.

On St Patrick’s Day this year  The Irish  Times newspaper ran a story called “The New Diaspora”

“THIS WEEK The Irish Times asked readers to tweet their definition of Irishness. Some were philosophical: “Being Irish means we must persevere.” Some took a negative turn: “Being Irish means sympathy for fraudsters.” A lot were affectionate: “Being Irish means having an Aunt Mary.”

And some nailed it: “Being Irish means emigrating because the country’s in tatters, and telling the world how much you miss it,” wrote Julia Cashman.

There it is, in under 140 characters, a perfect summation of that centuries-old torment over the auld sod, as seen through the eyes of emigrants. In today’s Ipsos MRBI survey of recent Irish emigrants for The Irish Times, the push-pull factor that infuses the responses like the lettering through a stick of rock.”

The University of Bradford has contributed to the research and had an  Irish Diaspora Research Unit .   The site includes an interesting introduction from Patrick Ó Sullivan  as well as links to academic papers .  Well worth a visit.


Why not Check out and see where we all are !

Jul 02

British Champions : The Jodie Kennedy Céilí Team : Bradford

The girls  competed at Leicester in The All Britain Fleadh  and became British Champions. They now go forward to Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann in Cavan where they will compete against the rest of the world. GREAT WORK BY DANCE TEACHER JODIE AND A GREAT PERFORMANCE BY THE GIRLS. They are really putting the Bradford Irish and Bradford Irish Club on the world map.

Apr 28

Bradford Dancers Claim Gold at The Fleadh

Dancers Emily, Niamh, Grace and Stephanie danced The Four Hand Reel Céilí Dance and came away with Gold Medals .

The Dancers now go forward to The All Britain Fleadh in Leicester 23 – 24th June where they will face competition from England, Scotland and Wales.  Their dance Teacher Jodie Kennedy praised her students for their efforts and watching parents were delighted with the performance.

Jan 26

St Patrick’s Day in Bradford 2012

A  fantastic array of talented

musicians and dancers on stage at

Bradford Irish Club this Year


The Marriott Extravaganza



Featuring John Griffen


Our resident Master of Ceremonies

Seán Ó Conduin introduces

Los Músicos Irlandeses Reclutados

Los San Patricios

Sep 08

Come back Paddy Reilly : Brian Flaherty gives Percy French a few tips.

Bradford Irish Club Manager Brian gets all dewy eyed and poetic in Ballyjamesduff after the Fleadh

The Garden of Eden has vanished, they say, But I know the lie of it still. Just turn to the left at the Bridge of Finnea And stop when halfway to Cootehill. ‘Tis there you will find it, I’ll go, sure enough, When fortune has come to my call, For the grass it grows around Ballyjamesduff, And the blue sky is over it all. And tones that are tender, and tones that are gruff, Are whispering over the sea: ‘Come back Paddy Reilly, to Ballyjamesduff, Come home, Paddy Reilly, to me’.

My mother once told me that when I was born, The day that I first saw the light. I looked down the street on the very first morn, And gave a great crow of delight. Now most new-born babies appear in a huff, And start with a sorrowful squall. But I know I was born in Ballyjamesduff And that's why I smiled on them all! The baby's a man now, he's toil-worn and tough, Still, whispers come over the sea. 'Come back Paddy Reilly, to Ballyjamesduff, Come home, Paddy Reilly, to me'. * The night that we danced by the light of the moon, Wid Phil to the fore wid his flute. When Phil threw his lip over "Come a-gin soon", He'd dance the foot out o' yer boot! The day that I took long Magee by the scruff, For slander in' Rosie Kitrain; Then march - in' him straight out of Ballyjamesduff, As-sis-ted him into a drain. Oh ! sweet are me dreams, as the dudeen I puff, Of whisperings over the sea. 'Come back Paddy Reilly, to Ballyjamesduff, Come home, Paddy Reilly, to me'.

I've loved the young wee-man of every land, That always come easy to me. Just barrin' the bells of the Black-a-more brand And chocolate shops of Feegee. But that sort of love is a moon shinning stuff, And never will addle me brain; For bells will be ringin' in Ballyjamesduff For me and me Rosie Kilrain. And all through their glamour, their gas, and their gruff, A whisper comes over the sea. 'Come back Paddy Reilly, to Ballyjamesduff, Come home, Paddy Reilly, to me'.

Sep 05

The Cavan Fleadh

A party of 10 members of Bradford Irish Club attended Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann in Cavan  in August and had a rare ould time.

We were based in Killeshandra at a beautiful villa owned by Paul and Geraldine O’Dowd.   The Guinness flowed, the freshest food you wish for came from the impresive vegetable garden and courtesy of the chickens who gave us our daily breakfast.  A glorious week in sublime surroundings.

Sessions were enjoyed in Cavan and in Killeshandra.    David Conley from Bradford Comhaltas on the bodhran here.

Apr 04

The Fighting Irish

Bradford Irishman Shaun Doherty is the latest member of the renowned boxing family to put the gloves on.   Shaun fights Martin Ward  (Tyne & Wear)  on 9th April aiming to continue his journey towards a tilt at the British  title.  Shaun who is sponsored by Bradford Irish Club literally  follows in the footsteps of father John who now trains him.   Shaun won his first pro title after winning the vacant British Masters super-bantam belt with a thrilling victory over home-town favourite Matthew Edmonds in Newport.

Doherty stopped the fancied Welshman in the final round of a back-and-forth contest, dropping him three times before referee Roddy Evans stepped in.

John and Shaun are both proud of their Irish roots and brought their trophies into the club to the delight of onlookers and had a great time telling stories and joking.  Shaun in particular proved to be very popular with the local colleens.

Mar 26

Great Craic on St Patrick’s Day at Bradford Irish Club

A Full day of Music, Dance  Food and Drink was enjoyed by a huge crowd of revellers at Bradford Irish Club.   Entertainment was provided by The Molly Maguires, The Richard Marriot Experience featuring a welcome  guest appearance from Eamon  ( of the  Melborne).   The Evening music was provided by the  popular Andy McDermott Trio who had people on their feet  dancing the night away.   Incidental musical episodes came from Los Músicos Irlandeses Reclutados and a lovely cameo from Marie Dillon that got everybody singing along.  Seán O’Condúin keeping crowd and musicians happy as MC, technical director and occasional backing musician, The Festival atmosphere was sustained by the regular ingestion of Irish Stew in healthy portions washed down with gallons of the black stuff.  A great day was enjoyed by all who came to Bradford Irish Club to celebrate the festival of our Patron Saint.  Old friendships were renewed and new friends were made against a background music, smiles  and the wearing of the  green.

Mar 26

History of The Irish in Bradford (An Stair na hÉireannaigh in Átha Leathan)

Beidh clár ráidio ar CD le fail go luath. Is clár nócha noimead é agus a bhí sé craoladh a cheaduair i 2005 ar BCB  106.6 fm. Leirigh le Seo Ó Síoráin an clar atá comhrá idir trí stairithe agus oideachasóir áitiúil. ‘Duck Eggs’ is ainm don clár – bhí sé an t-ainm go raibh a tugtha do inimircaigh Éireannach le pobal óstach, an tuairisciú atá ó thús den naoú haois dena dheireanach. Tá iarfhocal ag tógáil an stair dena hÉireannaigh in Átha Leathan go dtí an lá atá inniú ann.

A 90-minute radio programme first broadcast in 2005 on BCB 106.6 fm is soon to be made available on CD. The programme, produced and presented by Joe Sheeran, is a conversation between three historians and a local educationalist. Entitled ‘Duck Eggs’ – the name given to Irish migrants in Bradford, the period covered is from the early 19th century to its end.   A postscript/epilogue takes the history of the Irish community in Bradford to the present day.

Mar 24

Galway, Twinned with Bradford

It seems that it’s not really well  known that our city is a twin town of the City of the Tribes but we have been twinned since 1987.  So what does it mean ?     Bradford Twin Towns Association (BTTA) aims to promote the friendships developed over more than 30 years between the people of the twin towns  and  Bradford,  although the BTTA entry on the DIVA site makes no mention of Galway.

However,  Bradford Council seems to be more up to date.

The Twin Towns

Galway, Ireland – twinned 1987

Mirpur District Council, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan – friendship agreement 1998
Mönchengladbach, Germany – twinned 1971
Roubaix, France – twinned 1969
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia – twinned 1963
Verviers, Belgium – twinned 1970

More about Galway

Galway (Irish: Gaillimh, pronounced [ˈɡalʲɪvʲ]) or City of Galway (Cathair na Gaillimhe) is a city in County Galway, Republic of Ireland. It is the fifth largest and the fastest-growing city in Ireland. It is also the third largest city in the Republic and the only city in the Province of Connacht. Located on the west coast of Ireland, it sits on the River Corrib between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay. The population of Galway city and its environs is 72,729 according to the 2006 census.

Galway is known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart (Croí Cultúrtha na hÉireann) and is renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals, celebrations and events. Every July, Galway hosts the Galway Arts Festival which is known for its famous Macnas parade.

In 2004, there were three dance organisations, ten festival companies, two film organisations, two Irish language organisations, 23 musical organisations, twelve theatre companies, two visual arts groups, and four writers’ groups based in the city.

Furthermore, there were 51 venues for events, most of which were specialised for a certain field (e.g. concert venues or visual arts galleries), though ten were described as being ‘multiple event’ venues. Major squares in the city include Eyre Square (containing John F. Kennedy Park) in the centre of the city, and Spanish Parade next to the Spanish Arch.

In 2007, Galway was named as one of the eight “sexiest cities” in the world. A 2008 poll ranked Galway as the 42nd best tourist destination in the world, or 14thnd in Ireland (behind Dingle). It was ranked ahead of all European capitals except Edinburgh, and many traditional tourist destinations in Europe (such as Venice).

Galway has a vibrant and varied musical scene. As in most Irish cities traditional music is popular and is kept alive in pubs and by street performers. Notable bands from Galway include The Saw DoctorsThe Stunning. Galway Early Music Festival presents European music from the 12th to the 18th century. It encourages not only music, but also dance and costumes. The festival involves both professional and amateurs musicians.

Galway Cathedral Recitals is an international series of concerts of classical music concerts each July and August since 1994.

The Galway Arts Festival (Féile Ealaíon na Gaillimhe) takes place in July. It was first held in 1978 and since then has grown into one of the biggest arts festivals in Ireland. It attracts international artists as well as providing a platform for local and national performers. The festival features parades, street performances and plays, musical concerts and comedy acts. Highlights of the festival tend to be performances by Macnas and Druid, two local performance groups.

The renowned performer and singer Siobhan McCormack currently resides in Galway with well known dancer Michael Flanagan.

Galway Arts Festival Parade 2007

There are 6,870 Irish speakers in Galway city nearly 10% of the population. Galway city has a reputation amongst Irish cities for being associated with the Irish language, music, song and dancing traditions. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Bilingual Capital of Ireland’, although like all other cities in the Republic of Ireland, the vast bulk of the city’s inhabitants converse mostly in English. The city is well known for its “Irishness”, mainly due to the fact that it has on its doorstep the Galway Gaeltacht. Irish theatre, television and radio production and Irish music form a component of Galway city life, with both An Taibhdhearc, the National Irish Language Theatre, in Galway city centre, while TG4 and RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta headquarters are in the Connemara Gaeltacht in County Galway. Four electoral divisions, or neighbourhoods (out of twenty-two), are designated as Gaeltachtaí. NUI Galway also holds the archive of spoken material for the Celtic languages.

Places of Interest

Eyre Square


The heart of the city, also known as “The Square”, it was been built in 1710 by Mayor Edward Eyre.

The Medieval City Walls

Eyre Square
Tel: + 353 91 568 302
Medieval city walls built to protect the Norman invaders from the native Irish.

Kirwan’s Lane
Kirwan’s Lane is a long walk in the medieval Galway.
Kerwan’s Lane off Quay Street
Tel: + 353 91 563 081

Galway Arts Centre
47 Dominick Street
Website: Galway Arts Centre

Lynch’s Castle

Shop Street
Tel: + 353 91 567 041
Lynch’s Castle is one of the oldest castles of Ireland and the only complete secular medieval building left standing in Galway.Today it houses the AIB bank.

Kenny’s Art Gallery
Middle Street
Tel: + 353 91 562 739
Fax: + 353 91 568 544
Website: Kenny’s Art Gallery

Galway City Museum
Small museum that preserves some folk and medieval artefacts and all documentation recalling the city’s development since the 12th century.
Spanish Arch
Tel: + 353 91 567 641

The Claddagh Ring Museum
Quay Street

Historical Buildings and Monuments

Galway Cathedral
Cathedral Square

University and Gaol Road

Tel:+ 353 91 563 577
Built between 1958 and 1965, the Cathedral stands on the site of the old city jail.

St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church

Lombard Street
Tel: + 353 91 564 648
One of the oldest churches in Ireland, founded in the 14th Century.

The Browne Doorway

Eyre Square

The Spanish Arch
Tel:+ 353 91 563 081
Galway’s most famous monument, the Spanish Arch was built in the late sixteenth century during the war between England and Spain.

The Cannons
Eyre Square
Iron cannons that were presented to the Connaught Rangers, at the end of the Crimean War.

Nora Barnacle House

8 Bowling Green
Tel: + 353 91 564 743

Home of Nora Barnacle, James Joyce’s wife.

Aughnanure Castle
3.5km from Oughterard off the N59 – Oughterard to Galway road.
Tel: + 353 91 552 214
Built by the O’Flaherty family around 1500.

Wildlife, Scenery and Nature

Aran Islands
The Aran Islands – Inis Mór (Inishmore), Inis Meain (Inishmaan), and Inis Oirr (Inisheer)- are situated across the mouth of Galway Bay
The Bay once was a large lake but millenia of erosion created the Aran Islands. The biggest attraction is Dún Aengus, a stone fortress on Inishmore.

Tel: + 353 99 61 263
Fax: + 353 99 61 420

Website: Aran Islands

Hill of Doon
cenic viewing point along the Glann Road shore of Lough Corrib.


Places of interest

Ross Castle


Alcock and Brown Landing Site
Derrygimlagh Bog
Tel: + 353 91 563 081

Connemara Heritage and History Centre
Tel: + 353 95 21 246
Fax: + 353 95 22 098

Wildlife, Scenery and Nature

Connemara National Park
Tel: + 353 95 41 054
Website: Connemara National Park

Roundstone Bay

‘The bay of the rock of the seals’. Great site for fishing.

Twelve Bens (Connemara Mountains)
Connemara has four ranges of mountains with an alpine environment: the Twelve Bens, Maum Turks, Partry and Sheffrey.

Lough Corrib
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Vast lake of 41,600 acres and some of the best fishing in Ireland.

Mar 12

St Patrick at the Topic Wednesday 16th March

Na’then how you doin?  I am the MC at the Topic on 16th March, moved from the usual Thursday so that you can get more music into the St Patrick’s  week at the Irish Club.  Singers and musicians and listeners, especially those who have yet to visit the Topic, are welcome to play /sing / recite for their and our entertainment.  We start at 8:30, let me know as soon as you get there if you want to do a spot.

Don’t forget to boogie!  Cheers  Rob

Feb 13

How Irish Are You ?

Why should you tick the Irish Ethnicity box in the 2011 Census ?   What is the difference between ethnicity and nationality ?  What if I am of mixed race  or dual nationality ?

How Irish Are You?.

The Irish in Britain Census campaign (brought to you by the Federation of Irish Societies) is being run for and by the Irish community to encourage Irish people and people of Irish descent to register their Irishness in the upcoming Census.

When the last Census took place ten years ago, a substantial number of people of Irish descent, despite having one or two Irish parents, thought the Irish ethnicity tick box didn’t apply to them because of having been born here. We are doing our best to make sure everyone of Irish descent can choose to be included.

Feb 10

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Bradford 2011

St Patrick’s Day  at Bradford Irish Club this year promises to be a full day of Music, Dance and Great Craic.  A chance to enjoy the day in the company of friends, family and some of the best local  musicians in the  centre of Irish Culture in  Bradford.

Performances from

The Andy McDermott  Trio

Seán O Condúin

The Marriott Experience

Los Músicos Irlandeses Reclutados

The Molly Maguires

Plus many other local  Musicians

So  Come Along and Celebrate our Special Day !

Get in the mood for St Pats by paying a visit to The Topic Folk Club for

St Patrick’s Special (Wednesday Night) Entry Free

A special ‘open house’ night as part of the Irish Club celebrations – come down and join our friends at the Irish Club for a great night of songs and tunes. Guinness optional! But please note this is on the Wednesday night, not Thursday.

Wednesday 16th March in Bradford Irish Club.  Click the link for more info or email

The Topic Folk Club : Established 1956 – The world’s Longest Running and Surviving Folk Club

Oct 02

The Pipers

So it’s early April and I’m in Homebase at Greengates and all of a sudden I started to hear the pipes.  I thought I was having an auditory hallucination until I realised it wasn’t the Uillean pipes but the massed sound of the Piob Mhor.  I dropped the plants I was buying and ran outside and was greeted by the sight and sounds of the City of Bradford Pipe Band

Click here for the Vid

Sep 04

Echoes of Ireland on BCB Radio 106.6FM

Echoes of Ireland

presented by Jo Sheeran

A full hour of Irish Traditional  Music & news. Sundays @ 12 noon, Mondays @ 9am, Wednesdays @ 12 noon on

BCB Radio 106.6FM

Listen Live to BCB Radio Here

Joe Sheeran, or in Irish Seosamh OSiorain, is a retired schoolmaster. Born in Ireland, his family came to Britain when he was quite young. He joined Comhaltas in 1988 with the founding of the Bradford Branch. He has served as its Chair, Language Officer and PRO over the last 15 years. He is married and has grown sons and daughters and a number of grandchildren. He is married to Deirdre who is from Co. Antrim. He speaks Irish, but prefers to write and read in the language. He is a graduate of the University of Leeds and did post-graduate studies at the University of Bradford. He has taught at secondary and third levels. He is a specialist in Religious Studies and Social Science.

As a member of Comhaltas he has been a member of the Provincial Council of Britain, representing the British Province on the Ard Comhairle (Executive Council) at its meetings at Culturlann in Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

For twelve years he has coordinated Culra and Culra na nOg, the Cultural and Educational Programme of Comhaltas in Britain, which seeks to induct second, third and further generations of young Irish people living in Britain, into their historical and cultural heritage as Irish people. For this work Culra was the recipient in 1996 of the Irish Post Award for its contribution to the Irish Community in Britain. He was invited with a Culra, the word means background,group to meet with President Mary Robinson at her residence in Dublin in the same year. Irish traditional music is a sacred deposit from the past in his view and should be preserved and promoted in succeeding generations.

Sep 04

Out and about in the parks of Bradford

The Irish were well represented at events in the parks of Bradford starting with the Pentecost celebrations in Lister Park.   Dancers from The Bradford Irish Music Association and Music from Dominic Byrne on Piano Accordion,  Aidan on Bodhran and other musicians from the Grove Sessions in Huddersfield on the Bandstand.

There were also significant appearances at Victoria Park in Clayton and The Wetlands Park in Fairweather Green.   David Conley on Bodhran, Councillor Sinead Engel on Flute and Bradford teacher  Margaret Conley teaching youngsters how to play the tin whistle.   Dom Sheeran Behind the camera (Hence dodgy filming !)  Check out the videos.

Parks 1

Parks 2

Parks 3