How long can Northern Ireland Peace Last


So Arlene Foster has been deselected as the voice of The DUP , Currently the loudest voice in the Unionist community. Favourite to replace her is Edwin Poots. Not in my opinion a step forward. Where does this lead us ? Certainly not into an era of Peace and Equality for all the citizens of Northern Ireland The DUP campaigned hard for Brexit but they played no part the negotiations that led to Johnson’s EU Deal. They saw the problems with it as did many in the six counties & the Deal was voted down in Sormont and they voted against it in Westminster. They were ignored by a Prime Minister with an 80 seat majority

Now we that frustration being vented on the streets of Belfast and other towns. The problem is that the hated NI Protocol is backed by Westminster, The EU including The Republic and The USA. in other words the Protocol is going nowhere soon.

This is juxtaposed with NI firms winning contracts in the Republic and people from the republic working and shopping in the six counties. Votes for the DUP falling and votes for the Alliance Party rising as younger people drift away from the politics of 300 years ago.

Edwin Poots hasn’t a hope in hell of changing this demographic shift and it will become more & more apparent that a failure to adapt could lead to extinction or a return to Barbarism !

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  • June 12, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    And now we see Johnson getting schooled by the rest of the G7 & to either implement fully the deal that he signed up to. Johnson has few options left but one of them is simply to join the EU Customs union.

    It solves the customs issues in Ireland, deflates the Independence movement in Scotland and the Export headaches being experience by exporters.

    Even Turkey is in the Customs Union. The UK would still be outside of the EU so there is no sovereignty issue.

    Its the Easiest way to save his premiership.


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